Asparagus Offer

Zöldveltelini 2017 -Meinklang 460 Ft/ dl
Orange asparagus cream soup with salmon-cheese croutonsADGI 1390 Ft
Over baked asparagus with serrano ham and cheeseAGL 1890 Ft
Strawberry-asparagus salad with chicken breast chipsILF 2690 Ft
Marinated goose breast, green asparagus risottoLIG 4290 Ft
Grilled goose liver with asparagus in bacon coat, chives rice 5990 Ft
Fried turkey breast with smoked cheese and asparagus stuffed, french friesACGHFL 2990 Ft
Pork medallions grilled with buckwheat-vegetables, asparagus and mushroom ragoutCGL 1390 Ft
További ajánalataink
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