Macallan Amber whiskey 1250 Ft/2cl
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum 750 Ft/2cl
Grey Goose vodka 750 Ft/2cl
Beefeater Pink Strawberry gin 490 Ft/2cl
Toast from selfmade bread with marrow A 1390 Ft
Mushroom cream soup with smoked duck breast G 1390 Ft
Game ragout soup with tarragon A C G I J 1690 Ft
Gipsy pork with speck, onion and potatoes A 2790 Ft
Pork ribs filled with marrow, mixed salad and potatoes A C 2690 Ft
Duck breast with jerusalem artichoke, vegetables, grilled pears G 3890 Ft
Paprika-carpfillet with cottage cheese pasta and speck A C G 2990 Ft
Deer stew with mushroom and bread dumplings A C G I 3590 Ft
Applestrudel with vanilla sauce A C G 990 Ft


A Gluten
B Crustaceans
C Eggs
D Fish
E Peanuts
F Soybeans
G Milk
H Nuts
I Celery
J Mustard
K Sesame seeds
L Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
M Lupin
O Molluscs
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